About Us

Glimmis Canada, along with our parent company PaperBar Inc, is based out of Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario.  Our team is led by the dynamic Swedish-Canadian husband and wife duo of Tamara and Stefan Kemper and their good friend Peter Dyakowski.  We ship our wonderful, Swedish-made reflectors coast to coast.  Vying for Visibility in Vancouver?  Need to be noticed in Nunavut?  Seeking safety in Sudbury?  Craving confidence in Calgary?  Aiming for Attention in Antigonish?  We've got you covered!

Glimmis reflectors are great for pedestrians, cyclists, athletes of all ages, and anyone who enjoys being outdoors.


You can reach the Glimmis Canada team via email at glimmiscanada@gmail.com or by telephone at 1-855-972-7482